Students Design and Communicate About Our Green Roof Project

“Building a green roof is a challenge. There are a lot of things that you need to think about when it comes to building a green roof. As the architectural design team, we have to worry about the structures we want on our roof. As the architectural design team we also understand the benefits of a green roof. Green roofs can insulate our building to keep it cool, thus reducing the carbon footprint of our roof. Green roofs can reduce water run-off in our sewers. Most importantly, green roofs bring back pieces of environments for wildlife to live in. We already took away land from the wildlife and green roofs will give us the opportunity to give back to the environment. Some of the things that we want to put on our roof is a classroom, paved walkways, fences, water features and sensors to tell conditions of the roof. Green roofs are great for the environment and our school would really like to put one on our roof.”

More than 300 NYC iSchool students have contributed to the Green Roof Project over the last three years.  They have identified the ecological benefits, brainstormed design ideas, taken measurements, calculated the roofs carrying capacity, built scale models and presented their ideas to a wide audience.

Working with the Green Roof student team, Landscape Architect and Learning By Design Educator Jenny Lee, created these designs. They represent the culmination of the green roof design work of almost 300 iSchool students over three years.  Thank you Jenny!!!

Here are some images that capture that work.

Measuring         Designing            Model Building          Communicating

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