Generous architecture and engineering professionals are now helping us move the green roof project to the next level, through participation in our steering committee:
Architects: Demetrios Comodromos  and Reese Campbell, Principals of Method Design
Landscape Architect and Learning By Design Educator: Jenny Lee
Structural Engineer: Joseph Tortorella, Vice President, Robert Silman Associates

Demetrios and Reese (back row first and third from left) with the team

Jenny Lee discusses design choices with team

Joe Tortorella visits the roof with team members

Dr. Jean Arrington

Dr. Jean Arrington, an expert on the schools of Charles BJ Snyder, has greatly assisted us in learning about the history of our beautiful historic school building.  We read about Dr. Arrington’s work in a New York Times article and reached out to her.  “A Builder of Dreams, in Brick and Mortar” by Jim Dwyer, NY Times, Published: October 17, 2008

The Green Roof Team with Dr. Arrington on the roof.

The Green Roof Team with Dr. Arrington on the roof.

Through her own research and her introduction to Mr. David Ment at the Municipal Archives, we have been able to locate the original building plans (thought lost) and documented that our rooftop was designed and used as a playground.  Recently Dr. Arrington visited with us to tell us more about the CBJ Snyder legacy.  She thinks that our plans to create a garden and environmental learning center on the school building roof continues Snyder’s legacy into the 21st Century.  Here is Dr. Arrington with the team on the roof.


The Center for Architecture Foundation’s Learning By Design:NY Program

How could we learn about the design process? Al Kurchin teaching model buildingWho could introduce us to different landscape styles to inspire our thinking?  What expertise would we need to determine how much weight we can safely place on the existing roof?   What is the process to go from conceptual plan to three-dimensional scale model?

Jenny Lee-  Landscape 101Carol Gretter teaches the design process

We are very fortunate to have found the Center for Architecture
Foundation’s Learning By Design:NY educational outreach residencies.

For the past three years LBD:NY design educators have helped us answer these questions and led us to answers to questions we had not thought to ask. THANK YOU to these great partners from LBD:NY and the Center for Architecture Foundation: Tim Haduk, Catherine Teegarden, Jaime Endreny, Jenny Lee, Al Kurchin, and Carol Gretter.

Thomas Abdallah, Chief Environmental Engineer, New York City Transit

Tom Abdallah - NYC Transit Chief Environmental EngineerMr. Abdallah, with a team of environmental engineers from his department, spoke to all four of the 9th grade Green Roof Module Classes.  He shared his department’s experiences designing and building a green roof for one of their facilities.  When Mr. Abdallah was featured in a Public TV documentary about green technology leaders in in New York State, his visit to the iSchool was featured.  Follow this link to view the segment in which Tom Abdallah’s meeting with iSchool Green Roof Module students is featured in the documentary.

View the entire documentary at Program: THIRTEEN Documentaries  Episode: Going Green New York Premiered Earth Day 2011

Anthony Pereira, CEO of altPOWERaltPower CEO Pereira

Mr. Pereira shared his experience and expertise about alternative energy.  altPOWER is a leading firm in the field of renewable energy system development, design, and installation, and the number one solar-electric installer in New York City.  He told us that New York City has great potential for solar power and encouraged us to include PV (photovoltaic) units on our green roof.

Mr. John T. Shea, Chief Executive Officer, Division of School Facilities

John Shea, CEO Division of School Facilities

Mr. Shea visited us to hear the student presentations of their green roof investigations and designs.  He praised their work, encouraged us to pursue our planning, and pledged support for the project.



Kevin Waters, Custodian Engineer

Kevin, our building’s Custodian EngineeKevin Waters - Custodian Engineerr has been very generous with his time and knowledge.  Here he is with students in the basement, explaining how the furnaces sometimes burn gas and other times burn oil to heat the building.

Rand Engineering and Architecture

Engineers Albelisa Gonzalez and Yessica Mariness of RAND Engineering & Architecture shared their experiences designing and installing a green roof.

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