Greenhouse and Classroom

New iSchool Weather Station Installed On the Roof!

Green Roof Leadership Team with the rooftop weather station they proudly assembled and set up

Green Roof Leadership Team with the rooftop weather station they proudly assembled and set up

Our new weather station will allow us to compare current roof environmental conditions with the new conditions created by the green roof we hope to install.  This the first piece of Green Roof monitoring!

Mr. Mulroy says: The new weather station mounted on the roof of the iSchool is an outstanding scientific tool that provides exciting educational opportunities. As a teacher of Ecology, AP Environmental Science, Earth Science, and Astronomy, climate is an issue that is addressed in some way in all of my classes.

Mr. Mulroy is really happy about the new iSchool weather station.

Mr. Mulroy is really happy about the new iSchool weather station.

For my Ecology class we can collect data on solar radiation and temperature from our own location to compare with other weather stations in and around NYC. This should allow us to measure the temperature gradient that forms between urban areas and their surroundings to demonstrate the heat island effect. In the meteorology unit of Earth Science class we will use data collected on our roof to make predictions and forecasts about changes in the weather. In AP environmental science it can inform our discussion of the role of climate in species and biome distribution.

Environmental Education:

Environmental Learning is an important part of the iSchool mission.

In the NYC iSchool, we students expect our green roof to serve our building in a variety of ways. We want to make our green roof provide as much learning opportunity as possible One approach that we have come across is creating a classroom on the roof.  Our ideas are to make a place where we can actually have interactive, educational classes about ecology, sustainable design, horticulture, alternative energy, and architecture and engineering .

We want to learn in an environment in which we can, at the same time, enjoy the amazingly beautiful view and peaceful garden environment.  We plan to use our green roof to help educate and inspire students in other schools to plan and build their own green spaces.  To do this we proposed to include environmental sensors to measure conditions on the roof and within the green areas.  We hope to measure wind speed and wind turbine performance and sunlight and solar panel performance.  We can also measure moisture in the soil and rainwater absorption and runoff.  We want to make all of this information available 24/7 on the iGreen Internet site.

Having a classroom on the roof is an incredible addition to the learning environment of our school and building.  Even though it will take a lot of work, we can achieve it by putting our minds together.


The issues involved with alternative energy are:
  • the possibility of an alternative energy source on the roof,
  • the problems with the city regulations, the historical façade, and
  • what kind of turbine or solar panel to place on the roof.

There are many reasons to why we want to place a form of alternative energy, some of them are:

  • They would power the rest of the green roof.
  • They would help power the building.
  • It would offer many educational benefits.


Wind Power

There are regulations that can stop us from placing wind turbines on the roof.
  • Like the building’s historical facade is stopping us from placing an energy wall turbine or solar panels on the side of the roof.
  • There are many kinds of wind turbines, there are two general kinds: vertical axis turbines and horizontal axis turbines.
  • Large turbines with rotors cannot be put on the roof because one of the blades could break off and kill someone.
  • What I suggest is an array of micro turbines along the roof.
  • I also looked into how wind turbines work.

Wind Turbine

Wind Power

Solar Panels

Our group focus on alternative energy.Solar panel is one of them and they are base on the amount of energy, and how much it is being expose to the sun. Our roof also have an
affect on the solar, since there a huge wall blocking the sun light.a The use of solar panel could reduce the amount of fossil fuel being used,causing less amount of carbon dioxide being release in the atmosphere, reducing global warming.Since it is a renewable energy source, it doesn’t have a limit. Also no electric bill to pay!

Features to be included in the proposal:

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

  1. How wind turbines work.
  2. How solar panels work.
  3. What kinds of wind turbines are there.
  4. Which are the best wind turbines.
  5. Which solar panels are best to use.
  6. How much would it cost in total.

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